Any OLD members still here?


The Old Kid
Although I'm more of a lurker than a poster, since I joined, I have a tendency to post a few times, disappear for a few months to a few years, and so on. Given this fact, I haven't kept up with most members here. I can see it's changed quite a bit since I joined, but every once and a while, I come back to say something (that hopefully someone will read or care about).

Anyone else here from the older days? I mean, like 2005 and earlier? Met a few cool and helpful people here, as I do on every forum. The reason I ask is that I noticed that alot of emulation related forums don't stay the same... meaning they don't always keep that nostalgic feel. Of course as time goes on, no one can expect things to stay the same. Members come and go, and so do trends. Just curious what anyone else thinks... and if there are any members still around from the time frame that I joined.


Mupen64 Man

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oof, I don't think you will find any older people, the oldest comebacks that I have seen were One We Call God and Zach.


Old member
I joined 2011 so i'm not that old.But i can help with emulation problems.I too am sometimes active and sometimes not.But when i'm active i help.


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I sometimes take a look here for a bit of nostalgia. It's amazing this place is still going. I remember the days of the blue and white theme. I used to spend way to much time on this site and as I remember it used to be quite dramatic at times, but that was many years ago.


Controller Man
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Yeah I go back a ways I guess. I used to be more of a lurker back then.

Touko White

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I'm a pretty new user too.

I think most of the old users probably left, maybe because of the fact barely anyone here has more than 1 post anyway - this kind of board seems to be a site where people will ask a question, MAYBE reply and never return to the board.

I make a rule to try and return to a website as much as I can try, but I'm not always active perhaps for a few weeks before I end up returning.