Another World - Collector's Edition [PC]


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It's been 15 years since Eric Chahi created Another World for PC (DOS & Win 3.1), Amiga, Atari ST, MAC, SNES, Genesis, 3DO...and a free GBA port last year or to mobile phones recently. Named "Out of this World" in the USA, it was one man's work, musics and sound effect aside by Jean-Francois Freitas. Now he has released a new hi-res graphics re-edition for PC: the shareware version is already available, and it costs 7€ to register the full game

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Thanks for reminding me hagbard.
I've seen this news yesterday but for the life of me can't remember on which site... :(

Butters...what would you like to do as a game developer ?
Graphics,programming or music/sound ?

Except flash games where you can do all of the above.