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    This needs explanation...

    Thread in question: Editing closed threads is for newbie Super Mods. This explanation is for Butters only.Just noticed..Happy-B-day Butters ! ... I suggested closing that thread since any smart mod would smell the flaming in the...
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    HAPPY B-DAY to Terry.B...errr...cloud4004 !

    Well I hate the new generation as much as any old guy and I hate him too but,WTF...I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! to cloud4004. Enjoy and have a good one mate. Get your cake here: :msn_cake: :msn_cake: :msn_cake: Nice age 18...
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    Who played this ?

    I wonder if anyone played this game. Super Mario World...nothing new eh ? Well,it's on Sega Genesis/MegaDrive ! :p
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    Happy Birthday Lefteris_D !

    Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday ! :msn_cake: :msn_cake: :msn_cake: VampyR
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    [PS2] Metal Slug 3D

    I know you're gonna love this.SNK goes to PS2 this time around. ;)
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    Reputation points thoughts

    Re: Gamecube Roms How many points do you have ? Copy/Paste my sig... :D
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    Most delayed games ever

    Most delayed games ever,or...vaporware as IGN says here: Is any particular game in that list you were really looking forward to ? /me waits S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
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    Another Mario...

    If you never get tired of Mario here's a new one: Hope you like it.
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    [NextGen] PLAYSTATION 3

    I realised that there's no PS3 dedicated thread so I made this one. And what better way to start this thread than some GDC 2006 footage ? :D Motorstorm GDC 2006 Full Video Check the bike part.It'll blow you away.
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    [PSX] Samurai Deeper Kyo (english)

    I got a hold of this game: Samurai Deeper Kyo for PSX. The problem is that the whole game is in japanese. Is there an english patch to this ? Like SNES/Genesis patches/fixes ? I can play it (read kick ass),but I would be a lot better if it was english. I could do with a french/spanish/italian...
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    World’s Largest Video Game Collection

    Here's the interview link: This guy has more games that most people have roms.Check the pictures too. It took him 16 years to gather the games and consoles. Have you heard of a guy that has a similar collection ?
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    [NextGen] Nintendo Revolution

    Yes...Nintendo Revolution is mostly for old-gamers and kids,but the company wants to get more and more people that never played a videogame in their lives to join the fun. I am checking news about Satoru Iwata's keynote at GDC 2006 as we speak. He talked about the different aproach Nintendo has...
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    Amazing or Funny Videos

    I think it will be cool to post some of the amazing/funniest clips here. First one: Blaupunkt commercial And the perfect gift for your gf
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    [PS2] God of War II

    Isn't this beautiful ? GOW II - GDC 2006...yesterday. LINK < shaky cam...but worth every second of it. The game is superb,the only bad thing it's the release date Q1 2007 :(
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    [PSX] Fighter Maker won't run

    Yep...I ran into a PSX problem myself. 1.Emulator ePSXe 1.6.0 2.Fighter Maker disc image 3.Have tried all video plugins and audio plugins 4.All other games work perfect with my ePSXe setup 5.Tried RUN -> ISO,RUN CD (image mounted with Daemon Tools) problem: THE GAME FREEZES AFTER 4 SECONDS OF...