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    Help testing my new emulator frontend (Arcadia)

    Hey, Guys! I just made my first public release of Arcadia, an emulator frontend. I'd really appreciate it if some of you checked it out and told me what you think. :happy: I have it posted on my blog here: or, if you have something against blogs...
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    FRI version released

    FRI version is here! This version of FRI brings Community Ratings, a way to find great ROMs in your collection that you haven’t played before. This version also contains underlying updates to how FRI scans for ROMs, resulting in a better user experience. This release’s code is closer...
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    I'm a PC!

    Microsoft launched yet another ad campaign last week. This one is titled "I'm a PC", and is their best yet in my opinion. or what do you guys think?
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    FRI version released

    Every so often I will want FRI to be able to something, and then I realize, "Hey! I’m the one who writes it!" This time I had a problem to solve. I just got a new laptop for college, and I wanted to have some ROMs on it. The problem is that I have hundreds of gigs of ROMs, and only would...
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    FRI version available

    I just released another version of FRI. :-) Download FRI version here. Change log: New "FRI User Settings.xml" file for storing user settings Change: the last search is not stored in the new user settings file New feature: the user can now rearrange the columns in the main FRI...
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    FRI Version Available (along with source code)

    OK, this thing has baked long enough. It’s time to release a new version. Download FRI version Download the source code for FRI version here Change log: cleaned-up and documented code for increased efficiency and to get FRI ready for open sourcing Relative paths are now...
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    FRI Version Released!

    Change Log Setup and Usage Video Tutorial Download I usually include the change log in a post like this, but this one has a lot of pictures in it, so it would take too long to change everything into BB code. The new main features: The ability to search by image health the Advanced Search and...
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    FRI Version Released

    Hey guys. I just finished the next release of FRI. Version brings the ability to extract even more preexisting information out of the ROMs. For example, if a ROM has [!] in the file name, then it is marked as a healthy. [b] would mark it as unhealthy, (1987) would mean that it was...
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    FRI Version Released!

    In case you guys haven't heard, FRI (pronounced "free") is a ROM manager that makes playing ROMs really simple and continent. I've been working on it for a few months now. In the past I have put such posts in the "Submitted Content" subforum, but honestly no one reads that. :D Tell me what you...
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    FRI version Released

    And now you can edit ROM information! :) Download it here Read more about it here
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    FRI version released :D
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    FRI for managing ROM libraries

    I've been working on a program which I call FRI, the Fantastic Rom Indexer. The name is pretty lame, but what it does it cool. It takes all of your ROMs and all of your emulators, and allows you to search through your ROM library in one place, do quick title searches or advanced searches, and...