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    what's this $50,000 thing?

    i may be late but i need you opinion on this.... my friend gave this to me excitedly. before being excited, i need to consult you guys. i know that you know these better than me. im hoping some replies.. :) EARN $50,000 in 4 - 5 months! Road to Financial Freedom...
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    SMS (GBA memory stick)

    please help! I have this GBA cartridge that ran out of battery life! i cannot save anymore! :( when i try to save, it saves, but when i turn the power off and start the game, the save i gone! I bought this SMS for my GBA. this little crap requires me to turn off the GBA in order for...
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    Modem Problems

    i hav some troubles with my modem... here it goes: i hav a 56K modem but here is the thing it displays: status: duration: speed: 31.2 Kbps a few years back when i had my other 56K modem that broke down, it had a...
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    comment on doom 3

    doom 3 chills me to the spine! dont you find it scary when zombies creep up from behind? :p
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    does anyone here know magic the gathering

    i just want to know if you can provide some suggestions to a fire deck. i would appreciate you help... thanks :)
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    make ps2 iso

    hi!, i have a computer that uses a 56k modem and i dont like to download files that are quite big, so, i need help on making a ps2 iso's becuz i've got here a lot of ps2 game to make,,, hehe :) does any one here know how to make a ps2 *.iso?... please help :) i'd be glad :)