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    Nba Live 2000 Problem

    Hi all, i need some help with this game, it freezes when i want to play a normal game, but the ''one-a-one'' feature runs,.properly does anyone know what could cause this problem? maybe it's unplayable? I'm not sure if im running the latest emulator,i have epsxe 1.70, and nba live 01, 02 &...
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    Persona 2 EP

    Hi,I can't pass the first battle, it stuck after the characters talk, but no enemy or menu show up..helllp :(
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    Any News?

    Does anyone know any news about, ''formula 1 championship 2000'' compatibility? i love this game and epsxe doesnt emulate it, SUCKS!!!!!!! :(
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    Parasite Eve *Bug????

    I just finished the game, then i was waiting the credits to ended to save my game, but when the last words appear the, the sound continue normally, but nothing happend. does anybody know if this is an emulator bug?
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    A little help here

    I was playing chrono cross yesterday the whole day, without any problems all good, then today i start the emulator and it came this message.. *doing init gpu[0]... *shutdown gpu.... *error loading plugins [plugins\cpka.dll] WTF i didnt mess with any options i just close the emulator...:dry...
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    help here guys

    Hey guys i need a little help, i'm using project 64 that i donwload it here, and i have only one problem, i'm playing start fox, but the game is TOO DARK, how can i leave the image of the game more brighter? the aquas level i can't see a ish. :confused:
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    wich is the Best emulator for sega saturn

    What is the best one?
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    Lil' help here please.

    Can someone help me i wanna know what is this features on gens, is on directories. SAVE STATE SRAM BACKUP BRAM BACKUP WAV DUMP GYM DUMP SCREEN SHOT PAT PATCH IPS PATCH is that i want my gens working 100% someone can explain me what the meanin of this features?
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    Star Wars -Episode 1 Battle for Naboo

    Can somebody help me with this room? i can't play him, i have 8 versions of this room and neither work, all that appear is a black screen, the other games work fine, my emulator is ''project64 version 1.6'' and i'm getting real pissed cuz i wanna play this game, any help? :(