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    What is this song?

    Does anybody know what the song in this advert is? Thanks
  2. Danny Closed?

    Is this for real?
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    Idiots and their websites Why would you write shit like this?
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    Css Troubles How do you change link colours within a class. In the page above one link should be white, while the other should be black. According to the CSS specification this should work. Maybe...
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    Macho Macho Man

    The macho man is back, but this time he's wrestling with words.
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    Hubs & Switches

    I don't know much about networking, but would I be right in thinking that you can use a switch to connect a number of computers together in the same way you would use a hub? If so are there any benifits in using on over the other? They sound the same to me.
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    Find & Replace

    I've been making a website for a college project, but I've a problem. The website has become a fair size, about 30-40 pages and I need to make the same changes to each and every page, lucky they are all made from the same template. Does anyone know of a good program which will allow me to...
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    I can't see this taking off, for a start who's your target audiance? I imagine at least half of them would be cut out due to the fact you have to be old enough to own a credit card. Then there's the fact they only have a small amount of roms all of which being atari. Also how many people...