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    Pokemon Stadium 2

    Is there a rom for Pokemon Stadium 2
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    I( no that i can't post where to find oms but can u post a place where you can get help finding roms
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    VBA help

    How fo i link the Visual boy advances together.
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    Help with No$GBa

    it just won't work
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    N64 transfer problem

    I have Stadium and all the Gb pokemon games and i still can't fiugure out how to get the transfer pak to work. I have Pj64 and 1964 so if anyone can give me exact instrution please do
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    Which NES Emulator has a working game genie that is easy to work, and if not do i have to downlaod it
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    Are roms illegal if u don't have the cartridge
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    Better game

    Pick or be destroyed
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    Scary games

    Pick the one that would make u piss urself
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    Which was the better handheld

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    Shooting games

    I have been looking for some good shooting games for NES and Snes and other 1st and 2nd generation systems so if anyone can name a couple that would be great thanx
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    Pokemon Stadium Transfer pak

    I have Pokemon stadium and the Pokemon games, plus every N64 Emulator Around, but i still can't figure out how to get it to work. I can insert the transfer pak into the Emulator but how do i get the game in the transfer pak. Both Pokemon Stadium and the Poke'mon Gamboy Roms are USA so if anyone...
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    Transfer Pak

    How do i get the transfer pak to work i just downloaded Pokemon stadium and i have the pokemon games. i have every N64 emulator on this site so if someone could tell me how to get it to work that would be great
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    Not really a topic

    Just wanted to thank Emulator zone For not having links to dirty sites like some others
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    Project64 no sound

    I can't get any sound off of P64 so if anynoes why PLEase TELL ME