N64 transfer problem


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I have Stadium and all the Gb pokemon games and i still can't fiugure out how to get the transfer pak to work.
I have Pj64 and 1964 so if anyone can give me exact instrution please do


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Do you have N-Rage Input plugin?

- Click on "Options" then click on "Configure Controller Plugin".
- On the "Controller 1" tab, click on "Controller Pak" tab. (below).
- In the combo, where it says "Mem Pak", change it to "Transfer Pak".
- Look for the PKMN rom (must be in .gbc, not .zip).
- Look for the savedata (.sav) file (below).
- Save settings.
- Load Pokémon Stadium (1 or 2).

That's all!

NOTE: Pokémon Stadium 1 will only work with PKMN Red, Blue and Yellow. Pokémon Stadium 2 will only work with Gold, Silver and Crystal.

I hope this helps ya a lot!