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1337 Hacker
December 7th, 2004, 01:19
hello im new

1337 Hacker
December 7th, 2004, 01:19
im a newb to emulators :P

December 7th, 2004, 03:27
1. Welcome.
2. No double posting. The EDIT button is here for any reason.

December 7th, 2004, 04:15
cleaned <_<

Jet Set Willy
December 7th, 2004, 04:19
Oh good. Now you&#39;re going to be an over-zealous moderator.

December 7th, 2004, 04:20
Thanks. Better that way. Let onewecallgod do what he must do.

December 7th, 2004, 04:21
Originally posted by 1337 Hacker@Dec 7 2004, 01:19 AM
im a newb to emulators :P
Are you sure you want to use a username, where it gives the impression. That your witless kid (simmilar to jappsmash) who watches hentai, anime and says kawaii everytime someone talks about your girly anime whore avatar... <_<

Though, my username is a bit stupid too.. welcome.. :)