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Thread: M.E.S.S. or Individual Emulatation......

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    Hola all, first post so I'd start with a new topic. Hope you dont mind . Was just wondering/wanting your thoughts on whether its better to throw everything together and use M.E.S.S or use individual emulators. I hadn't relised Mess excisted, must try harder next time, and spent a wee while swopping files and folders all over the place.

    Then I started configuring each different aspect/emulator within Mess. What kind of setup's do you all have and are there more soloutions to this.....

    Thanks for your time....

    Frost / / 'av it !

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    I like using individual emulators mostly because they have better compatibility and more features.

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    Was thinking as much myself..... using different video,sound configurations etc over the standard Mess interface. Maybe I could set it up where I could use both at the same time. More thinking needed to be done. / / 'av it !

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    I like using individual emulators easier to manage.
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