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Thread: Thousand Arms Slowdown And Sound Error

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    Using ePSXe 1.6.0 with Eternal's 1.41 and Pete's OpenGL 1.74 plugins, I can get Thousand Arms working almost perfectly. But there are a couple problems remaining.
    • Freezing - When certain spells like mass sleep are cast, the game freezes. Video does, at least. You can hear the sound in the background, but nothing moves. I assume all timers and stuff stop, too, since the enemy doesn't attack while I'm stuck. I've been able to get around this by using ePSXe 1.5.0 but it's quite tiring doing the conversions back and forth.
    • Sound - This is probably a more generic problem, but sometimes there's a really nasty static-like sound after continuing the game from the ePSXe screen. (IOW, continuing after hitting escape) Is it just my config?
    • Slowdown - Fog and transpacencies seem to be a major slowdown factors. Given that I have a TNT2 m64, is it possible it's just a hardware limitation? I've tried using the fast setting and turning off almost every option, but to no avail. The slowdown is just reduced, not defeated.
    • Ghost Screen - I alt-tab a lot, especially when I get messages on IRC. Sometimes, though, the ePSXe screen, if I don't hit escape, leaves an active ghost, so to speak. I can see everything going on over whatever window's supposed to be active. Again, a config problem? I'm more inclined to think that this is a computer problem, not ePSXe, but what do I know?

    Plugin: Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.1.74
    Author: Pete Bernert
    Card vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    GFX card: RIVA TNT2/AGP/3DNOW!

    - 800x600 Window mode
    [32 Bit]- Keep psx aspect ratio: on

    - R8G8B8A8
    - Filtering: 0
    - Hi-Res textures: 0
    - VRam size: 0 MBytes

    - FPS limitation: on
    - Frame skipping: off
    - FPS limit: 60

    - Offscreen drawing: 3
    - Framebuffer texture: 2
    - Framebuffer access: 0
    - Alpha multipass: on
    - Mask bit: on
    - Advanced blending: on

    - Scanlines: off
    - Line mode: off
    - Unfiltered FB: off
    - 15 bit FB: off
    - Dithering: off
    - Screen smoothing: off
    - Screen cushion: off
    - Game fixes: on [00000001]

    I'd appreciate any help.

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    Man, now THAT's how your post a question on a forum. You're great.

    Freezing - perhaps. Check any compatibility lists for the game that you can find.

    Sound - Just when you resume that game? I think this is just an issue with the emulator/plugin. These things are often a bit rough around the edges.

    Slowdown - Almost certainly your TNT2, I'd say.

    Ghost Screen - See sound. This is the sort of freak artifact that is sometimes a general symptom of using a certain graphics card/driver too.

    Although emulation is often 'perfect', there are always little nagging things that you have to learn to ignore.

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    A small TNT2 tip. Run the emulator at 800x600 full screen resolution while your desktop has the same one. That should fix some slowdown issues but thanks to TNT2 you get to have plenty problems on your game.

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    You can pick up a Geforce 2 for $10 on Ebay. This is pretty much good enough for emulation.

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