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Thread: Glide64 0.8 Released!

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    Default Glide64 0.8 Released!

    The 3DFX graphics card plugin for Nintendo 64 emulators, Glide64, has been updated. Here is what is new in version 0.8:

    # Core changes, common for all games
    • New fog. Now fog is calculated exactly the same as on real N64.
    • Software depth buffer render. Some effects work correct only if memory area corresponding to N64 depth buffer is filled with actual depth values. Software depth buffer allows plugin to correctly emulate such effects. This is CPU-demanding feature; don’t use it if your CPU is below 1Ghz.
    • Dithered alpha. N64 hardware supports randomized alpha compare. It is not easy to emulate since PC hardware does not have direct analog of this feature. I finally found glide functions, which do the job. These functions are not supported by Voodoo1/2, and may not be supported by some drivers. To be sure that your driver support it, try to find string “Stipple” in your glide3x.dll
    • LOD calculation. N64 uses specific mipmapping, which is nearly impossible to emulate correctly on PC hardware. I have implemented a rough approximation of it. It seldom works well, but one specific effect, based on this feature, is working fine – it is well known “Peach/Bowser portrait transition” in Super Mario 64.
    • Emu-plugin synchronization. Previous versions of Glide64 sometimes had problems with synchronization with emulator’s core, and few games did not started because of it. These problems are fixed now.
    • LookAt functions support. LookAt functions emulation is important for correct automatic texture coordinates generation, which is used for reflections and other shining objects.
    • Napalm combiner extensions. Glide API has combiner extensions, which are much more powerful then standard combiner functions. These extensions allow me to emulate most of N64 combine modes 100% correct. I have redone complex combine modes for some games using combine extensions and got very nice result. These extensions are supported by Voodoo 4/5 only; other voodoos have no benefits from it.

    # Special games fixes
    • Roadsters Trophy, rear-view mirror emulation.
    • The New Tetris, all graphics bugs are fixed.
    • International Superstar Soccer 64, fully playable.
    • 1080 Snowboarding, replay is fixed (with hardware frame buffer emulation only).
    • Paper Mario
      - flickering problem is fully fixed.
      - special kind of lighting for flat objects, “2D lighting”, is implemented.
      - most of frame buffer effects are emulated now
      - lot of combiner modes are implemented.
    • Perfect Dark, new frame buffer effects are implemented.
    • The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask, point lighting is implemented; “Link meets princess Zelda” cutscene is black&white now (with hardware frame buffer emulation only).
    • Resident Evil 2, fully playable now with movies and correct depth buffer emulation. Check compatibility list for details.
    • Conker's Bad Fur Day, dynamic lighting emulation. Motion blur in this game now works too.
    • - And many, many, many more.

    You can get it from here.
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    Wow - someone is dedicated; for some reason Glide64 drivers were one thing I thought everyone had long forgotten about.

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