BUGFIX/MENU: Fix menu rendering with Mali GPUs after changing video dimensions
CDROM: Adds pregap support to cdfs helper methods
CHEEVOS: Provides the new PCEngine hashing algorithm for RetroAchievements
LOCALIZATION: Update French translation
LOCALIZATION: Update Polish translation
LOCALIZATION: Update Spanish translation
MENU/MATERIALUI: Initial thumbnail support
MENU/MATERIALUI: Cutie / Virtual Boy theme added
MENU/MATERIALUI: Bugfix - Under certain extreme circumstances, entries with very long sublabel strings could have their text prematurely 'clipped' as the entry is scrolled beyond the top of the screen
MENU/MATERIALUI: Bugfix - Certain setting value strings were unnecessarily truncated (with a ...) when using smooth ticker text
MENU/XMB: Sunbeam theme added
SWITCH: Accelerometer, gyroscope and illuminance sensor support
VITA: Accelerometer and gyroscope sensor support