3DS: Work around menu freezing (fixes #1294)
GB: Fix crash when accessing SRAM if no save loaded and cartridge has no SRAM
GB Serialize: Fix loading states with negative pixel x (fixes #1293)
GB, GBA Serialize: Fix loading two states in a row
GBA: Fix video timing when skipping BIOS (fixes #1318)
GBA DMA: Fix Display Start DMAs
GBA DMA: Fix DMA start/end timing
GBA DMA: Fix invalid DMA handling (fixes #1301)
GBA Memory: Fix a few AGBPrint crashes
GBA Memory: Fix OOB ROM reads showing up as AGBPrint memory
GBA SIO: Prevent writing read-only multiplayer bits
GBA Video: Fix enabling layers in non-tile modes (fixes #1317)
Python: Fix crash when deleting files owned by library
Python: Make sure GB link object isn’t GC’d before GB object
PSP2: Fix file descriptors dying on suspend (fixes #1123)
Qt: Fix tile and sprite views not always displaying at first
Qt: Fix audio context holding onto closed game controller
Qt: Fix color picking in sprite view (fixes #1307)
Qt: Fix window icon on X11
Qt: Fix quick load recent accidentally saving (fixes #1309)
Switch: Fix final cleanup (fixes #1283)
Switch: Fix gyroscope orientation (fixes #1300)
GBA Video: Improve sprite cycle counting (fixes #1274)
Qt: Updated Italian translation (by Vecna)