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    Default BizHawk 2.3.1

    BizHawk 2.3.1
    Released January 6, 2019
    Update gliden64
    gliden64: disable texture cache option, since internally it's set to 8000
    Fix crash issues, #1214, #1362
    4k Support
    Support fxaa
    Support Resolution Display
    Update to latest 0.6 (as of 10 Sep 2018)
    Fix #1195 - Audio Keeps Playing Notes after Rewind
    Fix savestates created at frame 0 when BIOS is enabled
    Fix VRC IRQ timing
    VRAM write timing glitch
    Tracer fixes
    Pass many more tests
    CDL Support
    Add default bindings
    Fix autosaving saveram
    Fix Virtual Pad
    Fix DMG sprite evaluation (fixes Oh! Demo bug)
    Audio fixes/crash
    Wisdom tree Mapper
    HuC1 support
    Fix firmware load crash
    Fix Lego Racers, Slugfest, Ken Griffy Jr., 3-D Pool
    HuC3 Support
    MBC2 proper Bank masking
    Performance Optimizations (affects many z80 based cores)
    DCFilter implementation
    Ability to distinguish *.dsk for ZX or AppleII
    Do not fire tape/disk inserted OSD messages on LoadState, #1250
    Added non-sync setting to change core background color - #1263
    Fix input display for some keys
    Support Code/Data Logger
    +3/+2a writes to 0x1ffd and 0x7ffd decoded more faithfully
    DeterministicEmulation to be overridden (TRUE) when recording a movie -#1290
    Support double-sided *.dsk images and throw an exception if the images are not 42 track disks
    Starting on UDI and IPF disk image support (although neither are fully working or hooked up yet)
    Added GameDb
    Fix Tape and Disk media submenus opening at 0,0
    Pentagon initialisation
    Fix exception thrown randomly by tape player subsystem
    Savestate GB rgb palettes, fixes #1337
    CDL - dont log anything while the bios runs (fixes #1349)
    Make Z80 memory domain little endian (fixes #1256)
    Change 'trigger' to 'button'
    Audio Overhaul
    Fix unplugged controller
    Fix Pokey sound
    Pokey support for SGE mapper
    Fix Sirius
    Expand cart size for some demos
    Greatly reduce savestate size
    Fix border issues - #1272, #1341
    Add SGM memory domain,
    Fix super action controller
    Fix PowerOn Z80 SP init - stops some games from crashing/not loading
    Fix pause button, fixes #1236
    Fix double dragon missing background (#1157 and #1320)
    Fix various games (#1157)
    Fix regressions #1333 #1303 #1287 #1231 #1203 #1266
    Fix crash due to invalid DMA #1363
    Mask only when addr attached to vram
    Added GameDb and homebrew detection
    MegaBoy special frame setting
    Multi-disk Bundler - handle archive files properly (#764)
    Fix minimized emulator causes speedup, #1279
    Messages config - change label "Last Frame Input" to "Previous Frame Input" to avoid confusion
    Fix Snes9x Code Converter #1293
    Commandline support for config location (#1404)
    Ram Watch - Move to Top option, ability to add notes to Separators (#1257)
    Cheats - Toggle shortcut key
    Hex Editor - Remember Memory domain choice - #1345, #508
    Code/Data Logger - Fix auto-load (#1346)
    Basic Bot - fix failure to fully use selected memory domain (fixes #1305)
    Warn when recording a quicknes movie (but allow the user to continue), #1353
    Allow snes9x movies to be recorded (still warn, but allow the user to continue)
    Ensure DeterministicEmulation is enforced whenever a movie is queued - #1290
    Fix System ID for SG1000 and GG - #1246
    Better anchor items in Play Movie dialog
    Show last movie frame input in the HUD
    Add client.getconfig()
    Add client.getversion(), #1271
    Add optional position parameters to gui.drawPolygon()
    Add context menu to Lua console: copy and select all, #1284
    Fix forms.drawText() horizontal alignment "right" fix
    Fix cleartype on canvas drawText, fixes #1411
    Video dumping
    Fix #1244 - Dumping Issues
    ffmpeg updates
    Update to ffmpeg-20181118-529debc-win64-static
    Make all formats editable (only custom is saved tho)
    Deduce extension (since -f is required)
    Make segment numeration the same as VfW has
    Firmwares config
    Stop indiscriminate importing
    Added 'allow unknown import' checkbox
    Set customization file chooser now incorporates ArchiveChooser - if an inside file is selected this is copied to the global firmwares folder
    Fix major crash issues and exceptions
    Branch loading now can behave as it does for regular rerecording (Old Control Scheme For Branches menu item, details here)
    States decay - fix logic for last edited frame
    Select newly created branch (makes button action experience smoother)
    Fix #1221 - TAStudio.OnQueryItemBg transparency color problem
    Make current branch track its new pos upon reordering
    Fix performance bug from 2.2.2 (#1310)
    Prevent exceptions with small window size
    Show branch screenshot on the right if it's offscreen, #1311
    Keys menu
    Hide a few computer columns by default
    Don't create player menus if we don't have players
    Make state-save hotkeys usable if the slot is empty, just add a branch
    Allow to disable Load Branch On Doubleclick
    Fix rec mode dying when appending movie frames
    Fixes inability to use '<'to get to frame 0
    Allow to actually unbind markers from input, and unbind by default
    Don't use branch greenzone after loading it. It's useless because we invalidate it needed anyway.
    WARNING: If you load a branch that's inside the invalid greenzone area, FrameAdvance or ">" button won't recreate greenzone. Rewind or use Right Mouse Button + Wheel.
    Fix crashes during seeking
    Capture greenzone state after loading a branch
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    Default Re: BizHawk 2.3.1

    Having an odd issue with this release, on my primary monitor the main emulator window opens near the top left of the screen where normally it's centered, and when selecting a rom, it opens the explorer window like always, but this window opens on my second monitor... its whatever, but still an odd issue.


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    Default Re: BizHawk 2.3.1

    Despite being designed for TAS, the developers of claim it is also an easy-to-use emulator for casual gaming. As with many multi-system emulators, BizHawk suffers from "Jack of all trades, master of none" syndrome. Meaning if you want the very best emulator for a particular system, BizHawk might not be the best choice, unless you're interested in TAS of course walmartone. But judge for yourself.

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