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Thread: PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi all,

    So i wanna buy a new mini pc just for emulation.
    But i dont wich specs i need for it.
    Can someone pls tell me if this is good enough or should i get more?

    MSI Mini ITX Quadcore
    MSI Quadcore Kabini Moederbord
    AMD Quadcore 4x 1.6 Ghz Processor
    SSD 128Gb harde schijf
    4Gb DDR3 Ramgeheugen
    DVD Brander
    WIFI B/G/N 300Mbs Draadloos Internet
    Gigabit Internet
    2x S-ata 3
    Nieuwe Voeding 80Watt
    6x Usb waarvan 2x USB 3
    HD audio
    Windows 7

    The graphics card is like on board.

    So please tell me is this enough for emulation like znes and sega stuff?



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    Default Re: PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    More than enough.if you just want to run Zsnes.
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    If you are building a new PC for SNES emulation you should be looking at Snes9X and Higan. ZSNES isn't very good.

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    Default PLS H


    Thats our topic in my school. I want to simulate to review the proper configuration of frame relay. pls help. tnx a lot..

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