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Thread: Someone tried to use my account!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefteris_D
    A quite large emulation forum had bans on both Yahoo and Hotmail a few years ago. That forced new users to use their ISP email or seek another free email provider.
    That's why I couldn't get in those forums.
    But I tried to use the other free-email provider and registered in those forum. That's didn't work as I still haven't receive any validation from the Admin....

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    I don't see why people try to get in, don't they realize they'll just be getting there IP banned? Like it's kind of annoying if i'm playing Starcraft and some kid who wined when I beat him, calling me a hacker, and he set up a bot and kept trying to log in on my account. I'd wake up in the morning and find over 5000 failed log ins. He fought me with my own account and I still beat him, it doesn't change.

    Anyhow, why do they like being so god D*m annoying.

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    That's why we call those people trolls froster1990. They want to entertain themselved by bugging people and causing damage. Sometimes it is even people that wish to retaliate against a forum after a ban.
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    Then I guess they don't realize that it was there own fault that they got themselves banned? Pretty stupid if you ask me.

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    Big body with a tiny brain..... as you said.

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