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Thread: Multiplatform emulator frontend ?

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    Smile Multiplatform emulator frontend ?

    Im tired of getting up of my sofa to change roms. {lazy}

    Is there some software where i can load all my roms and emulators onto one package - and cycle through thoes roms with the controller? any ideas?

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    Default Re: Multiplatform emulator frontend ?

    That is not the only thing you are lazy at LOL, lots of topics on this one... Actually there was one asked in retro game just a few days ago.

    The word you are looking for is "front end" there are over hundreds of them. QP and hyper spin are among the top IMO. QP is more for computers like doing lots of cool configs and running scripts to help make life easier. HS is more for an arcade unit, all gui driven and fancy smancy.
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    Default Re: Multiplatform emulator frontend ?

    eheh.. I too have the same problem

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