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    Hi guys I am new to emulators really. I really love Final Fantasy and I hate the fact they made the Crisis Core for PSP and I don't like the PSP at all so I decided to use a emulator. So a few days ago I downloaded the Final Fantasy Crisis Core.cso. I tried the Potemkin and the PSPE but they don't work. Can anyone help me please? I really want to play Crisis Core. Thanks.

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    There are no PSP emulators that can play commerical games yet. Your only option is to buy a PSP and hack it to play ISOs/CSOs or better than that buy the game

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    The only way to do it, U must down load a program to ur PSP and basically hack ur PSP. After that u must down load the ISO of the game and then download another program to convert the ISO of the game into CSO. Go to yuotube and type PSP they have probably hundreds of videos on how to do the whole proses.

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