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Social media gives instant gratification over the long-term satisfaction of building a relationship. It's logical and it's human. You see this in every aspect of modern life. People watch TV shows in binge-watch sessions rather than waiting for new episodes. People text their friends instead of picking up the phone. People "like" a post instead of writing a letter or sitting down for a real conversation.
Millennials are the most active group on social media. Older generations have been slower to adopt new technology, but are catching up. Social media has become such a big part of our lives that for some, it has even changed the way we communicate with our loved ones. Studies show that over half of young adults wake up and check their social media accounts before saying hello to anyone else in their household.
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I made a post on the Nintendo board:

...and I asked about the best Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest emulation to get, ROM game and ROM SNES player. Is this forum moderated, with posts posted after being reviewed first? Please LMK.