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Yabause 0.8.6


Zoo Keeper
Version 0.8.6:

Fixed a bug which caused the emulator to crash if 68k execution jumped to an invalid address.
ixed a bug where the slot buffer pointers weren't set correctly.
Added a function for debugging SCSP registers
MODR returns the correct version number now.
Fixed a bug that caused Local Coordinates, etc. commands to not get executed correctly.
software video core:
Added vdp2 horizontal flip for cell mode.
linux port:
Improved vdp1 window a bit.
Updated website url.
Some cleanups
macos port:
Added browse buttons for some settings.
Added universal build support.
Emulation loop was optimized.
Fixed bug when "Run" is selected from the menu.
Audio is now muted when emulator is paused.
Fixed Backup RAM saving.
Fixed a bug that was causing filenames to be parsed wrong.
Other bug fixes and cleanups.
windows port:
msys compiling is now fixed.
Windows position is now saved when program exits.
Fixed sound volume adjustment. Should be more accurate now.
Fixed centering bug on joysticks.
Fixed POV hat diagonals.
Sound is now muted in the about dialog.
Other bug fixes.
Added COFF file support.