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Yabause 0.6.0


New member

0.5.0 -> 0.6.0
- accesses to Netlink addresses when Netlink was not present was causing
errors, this has been fixed.
- fixed DSP debugging.
- fixed a Timer 0 bug. Fixes Shining the Holy Ark.
- added SH2 idle detection. Speed should be significantly faster.
- separated original core(now the "debug interpreter core") from the core
with idle detection.
- sh2 cores are now selectable.
- added 68k disassembler.
- fixed some warnings.
- added debugging functions.
- fixed bug that was causing garbage graphics in Albert Odyssey.
- fixed bug that was causing graphics in Legend of Oasis to not get drawn.
- other bug fixes.
- fixed a few priority bugs.
- added initial special priority emulation.
- changed event handling a bit. Gained quite a bit of speed from it.
- added fullscreen and fixed resize in Windows. Still needs quite a bit of
- fixed some Mac OS X port bugs.
- fixed some Dreamcast port bugs.
- added proper Linux gui.
- Fixed YGL initialization.
- fixed some Windows ports bugs
- other bug fixes.