Xbox emulation is possible


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It seems to me that the real thing being emulated is the console's operating system. They should work on porting the OS itself so we can dual-boot it with our PCs, thereby eliminating the extraordinary processing requirements. Maybe there's some unique BIOS stuff that will still need to be emulated, but that should be small beans.

Has anyone tried this?


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Now, i'm a HUGE 'n00b' to coding (im barly past hello world.....), but at its core, the 360 is just a computer, that CAN read files in FAT32 (and possibly other) formats. So it seems (and correct me if i'm wrong here) that the .xbe file is essentially the xbox's version of a .exe or a .bat, its just an executible file in a format windows can't understand (just like a mac can't understand a .exe file). so THEORETICALLY shouldn't there be SOME way to convert a .xbe to a .exe by changing how it initiates? Or am I just a retard and its completely diffrent from an .exe (or whatever a mac uses...) and would it require an complete re-write of the game itself to EVER be able to work on a pc? And also, could a pc ever run a (hevily modified) xbox OS from startup through virtualisation or something similar? I can't see anything immediately wrong with it, the 360 still is 32 (or is it 64... ) bit, so it should be able to at least use a standard processer (so long as the processer is also 64 bit) im just thinking out loud at this point, but I would for someone to say wheather or not any of this would be possible!


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Contrary to what the Xbox 360 Emulator! sticky says it is more then possible to emulate a Xbox 360. Hell I know coder friends who have already done just that. "The main unit of the Xbox 360 itself has slight double concavity in matte white or black. The official color of the white model is Arctic Chill. It features a port on the top when vertical (left side when horizontal) to which a custom-housed hard drive unit can be attached in sizes of either 20, 60, 120, 250, or 320 GB. Inside, the Xbox 360 uses the triple-core IBM designed Xenon as its CPU, with each core capable of simultaneously processing two threads, and can therefore operate on up to six threads at once.[27] Graphics processing is handled by the ATI Xenos, which has 10 MB of eDRAM. Its main memory pool is 512 MB in size." That's straight from the Xbox 360 wiki which is moderated by Microsoft. So let's see it uses a 3.2 GHz PowerPC Tri-Core Xenon processor, I have a quad core processor. Done. It uses only 512 MB of GDDR3 RAM clocked at 700 MHz. I have 8 gb of DDR3 RAM. Done. It uses a 500 MHz ATI Xenos video card, I have a 1gb video card (don't feel like putting down what it is right now) that has run Skyrim better then a Xbox 360 possibly can with less lag. So I hope that sticky was a joke because if not then you are sorely mistaken. Oh also there are already PS3 emulators out there because the PS3 is around the same as the Xbox 360 so emulating that isn't a problem either.

i know its true because of what this person said on athother topic

by blueshogun96

Any emu that requires you to meet some certain condition in order to download is a fake. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

If you find one that actually has source code available, then you might have a legit project. Contrary to common belief, Xbox 360 IS possible to emulate on modern PC hardware. There just isn't enough documentation to emulate commercial games AFAIK, but more than enough to emulate the CPU, GPU, and a few other things like USB 2.0, etc. via homebrew. I've explained why it's possible on this forum many many times, but no one really listens, so...

Although it has *VERY* limited functionality, this is the only legit 360 emu project (xenia). I only say this because I know the guy who's writing it...