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Winehq 8.15


Well-known member
fixed in 8.15 (total 19):

- #43822 TrackMania Nations Forever (Steam) car music doesn't play
- #45273 Chessbase 11 cannot draw arrows
- #54064 ntdll:threadpool - test_tp_io() sometimes fails & crashes in Wine (GitLab CI)
- #54718 msvcr90:msvcr90 - test__get_current_locale() sometimes gets an unexpected refcount on w10pro64
- #54756 Multiple games crash on unimplemented concrt140.dll.??0_Cancellation_beacon@details@Concurrency@@QEAA@XZ (Forza Horizon 4, The Legend of Sisyphus (Andromeda Software Development))
- #55259 TranscendPang has corrupted graphics in-game
- #55286 msvcrt:file - The 64-bit test_invalid_stdin_child() sometimes gets a bad stdin handle on Windows 10
- #55287 msvcrt:file - The 32-bit test_pipes() fails in the new WoW mode
- #55333 ws2_32:sock - test_connect_events() sometimes fails in Wine
- #55341 Colin McRae Rally 2.0 black screen
- #55351 gdiplus:graphicspath - test_flatten2() fails on Windows 7 - 11
- #55402 CMD '!var!' not working in 'if' statement
- #55414 Ultimate Spider-Man: Widescreen Fix shifts HUD too much to the right
- #55443 Wine crashes when an image is dragged onto notepad.exe and games
- #55450 Softerra LDAP Browser needs LDAP_OPT_AUTO_RECONNECT
- #55457 Robot Battle 1.4 crashes on startup after commit 08dc691d
- #55471 nGlide wrapper produces black screen in games using the D3D backend
- #55475 Respondus LockDown Browser crashes on unimplemented function KERNEL32.dll.DiscardVirtualMemory
- #55500 Launching new processes in Virtual Desktops is slow and stutters the system