where to find games


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hi im new to this emulator thing i have an amiga emulator and lots of games but cant find any site that has a good database that allows you to download playstation and nintendo games for free any help would be great thanks


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Asking here about roms is illegal you not even read a rules.

Use google or other search engine.


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Suppose I need a new game. In that case, I look on the Internet or various forums where many people give their opinions. Thanks to this, I learned about some projects that will forever remain in my memory. Recently I found another great game for me, Diablo II Resurrected. This game allows you to play on your own at your own pace. I also like that if I encounter any difficulties with the game, I can find a solution from the yesgamers who provide all the information. For me, this is very good because I don't have to worry about how to interact with other players.
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