Where did you get your online name from?


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Well 'Vintage' comes from me admiring classic cars (especially rolls-royce's) and 'Torrie' is my last name.

Simple, really.
Hopefully the origin of my name is pretty clear. I was painfully unoriginal in choosing it, but I have yet to stick with an Internet pseudonym for more than a few years, anyway.

Rodimus Primal

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I have gone by Rodimus Primal since I began posting on message boards. I'm a huge Transformers fan and Beast Wars was big at the time so Optimus Primal was the leader at the time so I chose Rodimus Primal as something different.


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Of course you all know the Belmont clan,a family cursed to battle Dracula when he rises from the dead in the famous Castlevania videogames. :D

Any relation to the Van Helsings you think?

This handle is a newer one borne from a mistake on a package label; it should have said "F. Lanks". Usually I use "Evercaptor" which I designed to evoke "cardcaptors" back when I started out on the net, trawling CCS fansites. I also, rarely, use the name Lovepooky, which stuck after I made a second account on some website to do a thing (not get round a ban, believe it or not) which I chose because there was a Garfield book sat next to me (His teddy is called Pooky).
Calin - My real name
Cool - I like cool PC games

But on most of the forums i use CalinStelistu, Stelistu is from my favorite football (soccer) team - Steaua Burcharest.


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mine should be obvious to inuyasha fans but mine comes from miroku

i should explain that it was bestowed on me by my friends not self given lol
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I don't even remember I think I got it from mis-spelling my own name , and I 'm still rubbish at typing ( and spelling )


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My username comes from the character Midorikawa Ryuuji from Inazuma Eleven. He's one of my favorite characters in the series


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My username, "TARDIS", is from the TV show "Doctor Who". TARDIS stands for "Time and Relative Dimension in Space". If properly maintained can take any life form to any place and/or time in the universe.


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word pixel with number i like seven and sounds like james bond.