Where did you get your online name from?


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wow, the thread i made half a year ago got stickied o.o

nice to see it's still active =D


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I first used this name at Seibertron.com. It just stuck with me.


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Seibertron? It sure like Cybertron to me. Long live Transformer! :)


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Cloud after Cloud from FF7...

I used the name Cloud2002 for awhile but it went out of date a few years ago... I figure this one will be good for a little while.
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Since I signed up @ emulator-zone like back in the day,
my name is from when i used to like dbz
long, long, time ago


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4th Disciple said:
I killed a guy for it.
You was the 5th Disciple?.. :confused:

You know that "Gohan" is a japanese word...
It means "Rice" in english and "arroz" en español...
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hitokiri battousai
My name is from different things first of it looks kinda like a sayian name -> tomato
The extension "aru" adds something ninja style stuff to it.

And last but not least its an anagram of "Mutator"


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There is a tribe called the Zapotec which founded the Mayan civilization.

Aristotle described Atlanteans using spear-throwers(known as "Atl Atl"), which was a primary weapon of the Maya along with bows. I believe the Maya are whom Aristotle was referring to. I developed this theory in a dream where Mayan shamans revealed this knowledge to me. There have been many times that I have recieved prophetic and revelatory visions while I dream.

Long story short, I added the H at the end because it combines the ancient with the modern. It also symbolizes my affinity with the mystical wisdom of pre-Columbian civilizations and my love for Archeology in general.
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My name

Simple, I work for WSOU ( A college Radio Station). Nite(Was always there at night) Pirate(Our School's mascot) and 895 (our FM numbers) I do the news and answer phones for screening sometimes.


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Randomly bashing on my keyboard while saving a savegame to some game ages ago. Might have been Heroes of Might and Magic, but I honestly can't remember.
Actually I think I typed "Pefi" or something like that, and changed it.