emu wizard
Where has all the activity gone?
This forum was such a cool place to post your questions, games, arguements, and even just post spam on the honka.
I remember a forum where you would post a question and get a quick reply. Now
its LIKE we are neglecting EZ. But we all mean well, I mean we all have lives, a job or even school, heck some of us even have kids. But that doesn't mean we all cant take 10-15 minutes of our lives to show our appreciation to EZ.
I don't know whats the point of this post HECK I don't even know if I have one
I just felt that my voice of opinion should be heard, and while I know that this topic has been posted before, I just felt I had to make my own post. I was gone for a while but now Im back and I dont like what I see.


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Only stupid people is joining and the old school people is leaving :(
True as Butters said. Anyway, why didn't you post this one on Feedback at first? We will discuss on this matters. ;)