What would you do during a Zombie apocalypse?


The zombies will not be the only thing to worry about?. Once the outbreak begins, people will kill for food, water, and ammo. Others would kill anything just for fun...
I think the best choice is to grab the necessary to survive 1 week or so, get some basic tools, of course a few guns and ammo. You have to do this asap, otherwise you are ******
Steal a nice boat (if you are lucky to live near the coast) and find a nice island....

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I agree, I always thought it would be best to go out to sea, and go to the coast if you ever needed any more supplies. I just wouldn't drop anchor though, or else zombies will crawl up Pirates of the Caribbean style. :happy:


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I guess, I'd still be living my normal life.
The scenario doesn't really say that the zombies are after me.


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It depends on the kind of virus the zombies are infected with.. I'd probably spot a lone zombie first and kill them.. and then find a sane doctor/ scientist.. :p