What is the name of this old NES game?


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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for the name of a particular NES game I used to play years ago. In this game you control a car from top view and it's all about running away from these other cars while collecting items. You also start with a certain amount of fuel and when you press the one button, you speed up, but use fuel up faster; you can pick up fuel tanks to get more fuel. It reminds you of pacman, except there are cars and other random creature things in some parts of the map. When you press select or something you can see the whole map and you can see yourself and the other cars as little blobs or blocks driving around the map (I think I remember it's mostly in black and white); you can control yourself like this. The whole map is divided into blocks or little square areas (with passages in-between) and I think I remember each block is called like block A, block B, etc. I think I remember each stage is called like letter A or letter B, etc.

I look forward to any feedback.

Thanks. :)


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any chance its madmax?



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No, that's not the one. There aren't any roads in this game. The only time you see the car is when you enter the different blocks or areas/rooms. When you exit the rooms, you see yourself and the other cars as little blobs on the big map driving around until you enter another block.