Emulator Problem: What emulator you use to play audio CDs?


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Most CD-based video game consoles plays audio cds. But I wonder If I can play audio cd on an emulator. Here's a list of emulators which allows you to play audio cds:

Fusion (sega CD emulator)
PC engine Emulator, Ootake, Magic engine
DEMUL (dreamcast emulator)
madnafen (No cd drive options, only ISO)

Here's the following emulator having problem playing audio cds:
Neo geo cd emulator,
Epsxe (PS1 Emulator) (No sound during playing cds)
Yabause (Saturn Emulator)
MAME (Some problems when trying to play ISO cd, especially Neo geo CD)
(note: When I try to play SSF (saturn Emulator), it crashes very quickly on my Windows 10 System.)

emulator which DON'T Play normal audio CD's:
neo geo cd emulator for dos 0.8.0.b
CXBX (No drive options)
NullDC (Says file failed to load, trying to load audio cd nrgs./NO options to read Drive letter, not a lot of dreamcast plugins available to read drive.)

If you have an Emulator that allows you to play Audio CDs, reply this post.