What am I doing wrong


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OK so I downloaded mameuifx64 then I downloaded a rom and extracted the files into the roms directory that is in the mame directory. when I load mame I click available and the game doesn't show up then I hit f5 to refresh the list and it still doesn't not show up. what am I doing wrong


You are missing some roms. Some games require 2 or 3 rom sets.
Try starting the game - it will tell you what's missing.

If you're still stuck you can ask on the MAMEUIFX forum.


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a couple words in there i think Robert overlooked, which turns this into an ultra newb question..

dont extract roms, unless there .7z or .RAR ,newer versions of mame maybe able to read 7zip, but I don't know, never tried.. anyway the rom files for a particular rom should be left in .zip format.

I don't use frontends, but I do know they may have there own directory designations, check if the specified rom dir in the frontend is the directory u put ur roms. and just a note, all these questions mayge answered in Mame's documents(docs folder), and or probably the frontends readme.

to Robert - I dont think theres much of a point pointing him to another forum, In MAMEs case, since I think they all function the same, its just a frontend for the base mame.

and I may not have played as many roms as some, but never encounted a set that requires 3 rom sets to function... what I'v typically noticed is, there is a 'parent' or 'master' Rom, whatever u want to call it.. and then a bunch of 'child' or 'clone' subsets for diff languages or revisions of the game... unless u were including BIOS/Driver/CHD images, that some games require to function.