w/ ".cue" and w/o ".cue" files


Pinoy Ako!
:eek: I Have Been Using Isoboster to create images of my PSx CD's

When I Rip the disk with "Extract From Session"
it creates a -"gamenamehere.bin" the bin file works (daemon tools) and epsxe

but when i rip the disk with the "Extract from CD"
it still creates -"gamenamehere.bin" WITH -"gamenamehere.cue"

they both work (bin files are the same *kbsize)

i was just wondering, are the cue files really necessary?
(not to mention if i plan to burn it.. will there be any diff?

(*oops! might get banned.. lol)
thanx a million..


Staff member
.cue files are just instructions for the cd burning software so yeah, you are going to need them.


Pinoy Ako!
:eek: well.. "I Tried" burning the ".bin" file (the one w/o the ".cue")

Toasted *GSLITE for PSX* :eek: (m not gona get banned.. m i?)
seems to work..
but m not so sure.. (ya knw.. maybe there might be -some- diff when i use the ones with the ".cue"'s)

hop m not confusing anyone.. :D