Visual Basic Questions


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I have Visual Basic 5 and I've got some questions:

i)How can I make the computer screen go black ewcept of a specific window.
ii)How can I make a program play a music file (e.g. a wav file) ?

I know that these may look simple to some ,but I can't find anything relative in the VB Help .So if you know please help. :(

Jet Set Willy

You need to find a Windows API reference. If you can get your head around a C++ Win32 API reference (which will probably be easier to find) you can use the same functions in VB (probably). It's just documented in a different syntax.


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The MSDN library is great for this. There are example code segments on the internet. Try the code, and learn form it.

I mean the open source media players, made for VB.

I'll try to send you the code myself, along with the documentation. I used to work in VB a long time ago though.