Virtua Cop 2 on Chankast


O.G. (Original Gamer)
Ok, so I've mounted 'Virtua Cop 2.cdi' using Daemon Tools and configured the virtual drive.


I've also downloaded and unzipped the Bios, the Chankast folder is setup like this:

Spoiler »

But when I try to Start the game from the Run menu, it treats it as an Audio CD and I get this screen:

Spoiler »

Does this mean the game is currently incompatible, or do I just need to change something?


New member
Perhaps your image it's not sefbootable. There are some programs to make it it bootable (Auto-selfboot v2.00 & Kit Selfboot comes to mind), and the Utopia Boot Loader might work too. Well, I suppose you select the correct dive on Chankast btw ;)