VBA Black Screen only while playing the game.


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Hey. New to the forum and new to emulators. I was playing a Pokémon Emerald Randomized Nuzlocke and just beat Winona for my 6th gym badge and decided to fly back and hit the water routes back near the the beginning of the game, just to catch some mons and have backups, now that the level cap increased. I flew to Rustboro City and went to the route north of the city and caught a Chikorita while surfing.

As soon as the battle was over, my screen went black. Thought the game froze and pushed pause. The pause screen appeared. I flew back to Rustboro. The screen appeared for 1/2 a second and then went back as I flew into Rustboro. I can walk around and play the game, but I’m playing it blind. I saved to try and keep my progress and reset the game. The game boots up just fine and when I continue my saved file, it’s a black screen.

How do I go about fixing this issue, or is my save now corrupted and I have to start a whole new save file and nuzlocke? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.