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Hi, I got 2 NES roms that both come along with .pal files (custom palettes). Both game's readme files highly recommend using the included palette if the emulator supports palette files.

I use OpenEmu (on Mac) that let you play NES roms with Nestopia and FCEU core.

How can I import / include these pal (palette) files? I am lost here. Thanks.


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@Rindsusen from fork of fceu called fceux:

Palettes can be set on a per-game basis. To do this, put a palette file in the same directory the game is in, and add the extension "pal". Examples:

File name: Palette file name:

BigBad.nes BigBad.pal BigBad.pal

BigBad.Better.nes BigBad.Better.pal

In openemu:

NES / Famicom​

When using the Nestopia core, pressing the Display Mode button will cycle through YUV "15° Canonical" (default)/YUV "Consumer"/YUV "Alternate"/RGB palettes.


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Thanx! That means I put the pal file in the same openemu directory where the rom is with the same name as the rom.

This is what I found out too. But what display mode will use the custom file then?

Nestopia offers Canonical/Consumer/Alternative and some more. I guess Alternative?
FCEU core offers Default/ RGB Play Choice-10/NESCAP ans some more. Here I am still lost.


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