Tutorials for Nintendo emulators Net-play(Multiplayer)?


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Does anyone know a site or how to enable Net-play on GBA(VBA),GC/Wii,GC,SNES,NES,N64 And GBC emulators(though hamachi or anything else that is easier and more convienent than hamachi)? If not does someone know a good site to where you could play online with others though GBA(VBA),GC/Wii,GC,SNES,NES,N64 And GBC emulators?

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Man, there are a lot of emulators that have netplay and lan, and other stuffs like that. If you went to google and searched things like: GBA emulator netplay, and other such things, you will get a name, and most likely a tutorial. However, each emulator is different, and might use different things. In general though, most of netplay emulators use the same thing, a thing called Kaillera.