Emulator Problem: Trying to understand a PC emulator for PSP


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Hello everyone,

I was looking for some way of being able to play certain PC games in my PSP and I found this website, and then I found this PCEP07 which it sais it's a "PC engine emulator" for PSP. I downloaded it and unpacked it, and all it has it's a EBOOT.PBP and a readme file writen in some Asian language...

I'll try to get that readme file translated online,... somehow... but in the meawhile I'll also ask for some help here.

What do I do with this EBOOT.PBP file and how will it help me playing PC games??

Thanks in advance.

(For those wondering, my main goal is to play RPGMaker games on the PSP)

(I had made this thread on the Misc Emulation section, but it was mistaken. If any mods want to delete the other one, please do.)


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I don't see the relevance in that question. But I'm sure I can run an emulator in it, if that's where you want to get to.


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The PC Engine emulator is for an old console called PC Engine (mostly known for Castlevania: Rondo of Blood)

Yoy can play old DOS games in PSP with an emulator but I have not tried it.


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I think you didn't understand me. I know that.

I just don't know what that file is and how to use it (perhaps cuz I'm not the one who puts games into my mem card...)

The emulator you mentioned though appears to be a PC Engine emulator not a PC emulator. So you won't get PC games running with it as the PC Engine was a games console.