Computer Problem: trying to get emulator to work


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i suck...

need help...

downloaded DEmul w32 0.582 for sega emulator and i cant get it to work... it says unable to find jadajada in romset and such...

i just downloaded the file and want to play games. what am i suposed to do??

i gues you have to put some file somewere to make it work... i cant figure it out

please help


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changed to chancast or whats it called.. still cant make it work.. the info page wont work either..



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dream cast emulators or not really out of the box ready. They come with read me files and take a great deal of effort in some cases to set up. If you want help here its best to take it one step at a time, "still cant make it work." is just not enough info for us to help you.

Also you made two posts, the other was in the right section. I had to close that thread though, since you append to this one. Do you want this one moved to sega emulation? I think that would be best.
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