Game Problem: Trying to figure out a game name. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.


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I have been looking for the title of a certain game mainly for nostalgia and i think it was a pretty decent game. I first encountered this game when i was 8 and i played it with my 3 brothers on the computer. You could play with 4 people simultaneous. In each level you can fight hordes or minions and then the boss at the end. I think there was a wide range of characters to play; not sure how many because i mainly played a character that used fire and i think there was one that used ice. Each character fought with different powers or skills. I am not even sure what system this game is on. The computer we played it on was in our uncles house but no one is sure what it was played on; not even my uncles. It makes sense seeing that its been 16 years since then. My uncle had an emulator for every system and so i am not sure if it is a pc game or something from an old council. I checked neo geo mainly because i remember that one the most and i am currently looking through mame and other stuff but there is so many games. If anyone has any kind of info that can help with my search, than thank you. If not then still thank you for taking your time reading this.

Not asking for links just the title or any information that may help me discover the game i am looking for.