Top anime series


Last time i was write about my favorite racing anime series.

This time im write my top anime series.

You should also write about your top anime.

1.DBZ great anime but its not free from plot holes.

2.Prince of tennis great anime which give so much entertainment.

3.Hikaru no Go awesome story soundtrack is fantastic.

4.DB simply awesome but not cool as DBZ.


It can be funny because its for girls too but sailor moon is also great.

The story and drawing style is so unique.

Highly recomended.
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No mention of One Piece??? Oh god, people, what's wrong with you? A whole line of characters, each of which deserves separate attention. I would also mention Made in Abyss and Gundam Origin. Both versions feature a great style of drawing characters and locations. These plots have an interesting meaning and look very stylish. I've always loved old anime. Moreover, Made in Abyss gave me Nanashi. She is so cute that I couldn't resist ordering a pillow with her image As the forums rightly point out: There can never be too much Nanashi, lol.
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