Game Problem: Tech Romancer (And Grandia II): I really want to fight Robot-style!


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Hello everyone,

I've since two days a brand new Alienware X51 computer.
Windows 7 Home Premium
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 CPU @3.00Hz 3.00 GHz
Installed Memory (RAM): 8,00 GB (with 7,90 GB available)
Type of System: 64-bit

I mainly have a problem with the game Tech Romancer (it's the one of the reasons I bought an Alienware because I couldn't play TR on a PC from 2006). However, there is a problem that irks me about Grandia II on the Dreamcast.
I've both used Chankast, Chankast EX and

Chankast Alpha 025

Tech Romancer (EU & USA Version):

The intro, the animation, all of it ? it goes very fast forward. It?s as if you?re watching a movie that?s being fast forwarded with 2x or something like that.
In the beginning at the intro, the sound goes very fast ? Alvin Chipmunk Style. As I continue playing the game the sound gets very tangled up, making it sound horrible bad and glitch!
Example: I just play Versus Mode against absent 2nd player for fun. I beat him up, and I hear CRITICAL! Okay, pretty normal ? however, after the fight the Narrator?s voice keeps repeating CRITICAL! CRITICAL! Even when I?m at the start screen of Tech Romancer. After a few fights I?m hearing a very glitched remix of many sounds, including CRITICAL! ARMOR! HAAAAA!

Grandia II:

I get stuck on the very first loading screen.

Chankast EX

Tech Romancer (EU & USA Version):

The 30 fps and 60 fps limit only make it by 1/16 slower. It's still Alvin Chipmunk style fast and the music and sound effects still end up in a repeating, tangled-up mess.

NullDC 1.0.0 beta 1.6 mmu

Tech Romancer (EU & USA):
Music goes speedy Alvin Chipmunk style, while the animation and sound go on normal speed (the intro proves that!). However, when I try to press start on my PS3 Dualshock Controller (it?s my only way to enter anyway) to access the start menu, the whole menu starts to rotate ? as if it automatically goes to left or/and right, making the menu circle go round and round. And no, I can?t press Square or X to select or cancel ? it keeps going round and round (even if I just put my PS3 controller on the table or disconnect it).
However, I don?t know how it happened, but after numerous stopping-the-program-and-restarting-it, Tech Romancer runs on its finest (just using Normal Boot): sound, animation, music? it?s beautiful! No Alvin Chipmunk, but just instrumental Kikaioh theme!
However, NullDC goes crazy and rotates as hell whenever I press the START button (enter the menu screen of the game). It does recognize my controller, but did I perhaps set up the controls on NullDC in the wrong way?

Grandia II:
The game works fine, except one notable thing: all the characters? bodies are covered in shadow. Also, after a while it stopped moving. It kinda crashed, I guess.
By the way, it seems I can?t save my game data / progress. How come?