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I've made some AVIs from some older DVD and made some subtitles also(they realy tooked some time)so what kind of subtitle should i burn with the avi SRT or SUB so that a DVD player can read them?
just to be sure :)
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That totally depends on what your DVD player will support.

You have no way of knowing except to burn a test disc.. I don't know much about DVD players supporting external subtitles though..

If your DVD player supports DivX Ultra, and your AVI file was encoded either with Xvid or DivX codec, you can remux the AVI with DivxMux, to include the subtitles in the DivX file.

Also, if the DVD you made them from has subtitle tracks, you can just use a subtitle ripper like Subrip, in the future to rip the subs out into an SRT file.
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