Stella 2.0.1 Released!


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A new version of the Atari 2600 emulator, Stella, is now available. Here is what is new in version 2.0.1:
  • Added 'dirtyrects' support, which speeds up rendering for some Windows users.
  • Fixed bug where taking snapshots would fail if the snapshot directory wasn't specified.
  • Made ROM launcher case-insensitive, so upper and lowercase names are now mixed in the correct order.
  • Fixed ZIP ROM support to search the archive for ROMs ending with either .bin or .a26 (case insensitive).
  • ROMs which don't have an associated properties entry are no longer named 'Untitled' in the Stella window or when taking snapshots. The actual ROM name is now used.
  • Changed minimum height of debugger to be 27 lines in the prompt, or approx. 700 pixels high. This should make using the debugger easier for users with lower resolution monitors. Related to this, the RomWidget now uses all possible vertical space when changing the debugger height.
  • Fixed bug related to upgrading Stella and event mappings being incorrect. Stella now detects this, and uses the default mappings. So upgrading to version 2.0.1 means your event mappings will be reset.
  • Fixed bug in loading debugger symbol files generated on different operating systems.
  • For the Windows port; added exe installer based on InnoSetup.
  • For the Windows port; compiled icon into Stella, so it now looks like a real Win32 application.
  • For the OSX port, reverted window resize key combos back to 'Cmd =' and 'Cmd -' to match the 1.4.2 release.
You can get it from here.