SSF Panzer Saga, How can I adjust the Graphics??


I have been able to get ssf and cassini emulators to play panzer dragoon saga. My problem is that cassini has a near perfect picture quality but the emulator tends to crash at sporadic moments.
The ssf emulator runs panzer saga perfect for me, but the ingame picture quality looks like crap:(. I am new to ssf and can’t seem to figure out what boxes need to be checked in order to get a better picture quality.

I am using version SSF_009_prototype_R2, I would really like to stick with this emu because of its stability but I need to some how fix the graphics. Any help in this matter would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance:)

I have included links so that you can see the difference in pictures




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Cassini is bad for you.

quite impressive!

Have you test differents options with SSF, just as VDP draw thread in options, ... Sometimes the differences are mazing just changing one option. There is somewhere and I do not remember. Look around the options, ok ? :)
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What video card do you have ?
You're welcome. I am going to help you if I can. :)

Make sure you need to:

Update to : DirectX9.0c ( not April 2007 ) please update it for November 2007 (just released, yeah)
Resolution Size: 1024x512 or 1024x1024



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The ssf tribute page has some more info on some of the settings; it doesn’t look like there is much filtering going on from the linked ssf screenshot. try enabling bilinear filtering and disable directdraw if enabled.


Hello again,
I have a nividia Grforce 8600 gts and updated directx. I have tried the above recommendations, but still no luck:(.

Thanks again for the help;), any other suggestions?

*I just tried installing ssf to my laptop and I'm getting the same exact picture results :(
At least I now know the issue isn't just isolated to my tower pc, I know there has to be something I am doing wrong in the settings.
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