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i have a problem with sound on my pc. sometimes when i play an mp3, it says "the sound is being used by another application or it may have errors. Please reinstall the sound" the error is something like that. i reinstalled the sound five times already.sometimes the mp3s work but VisualBoyAdvance says cannot create Direct Sound could it be some other application?

im running XP Pro Service Pack 1 Pentium 4 and a Creative SoundBlaster card


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Perhaps you are running two sound applications at the same time. Some cards don't like multiple use of a primary buffer.


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Is it a soundblaster 5.1? I can run quite a few things that involve sound without any errors of the sort.

DirectSound is a component of the DirectX family, maybe it's worth a shot to update that first?

Creative has a driver pack here, if you do not have it. Either install the card from scratch with the provided drivers, or update, see what that does for you. Moving the card to a different PCI slot can help sometimes.

Creative Driver Download

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If, as Waz said, the problem is that there are more than one programs trying to use the sound card, it might not even be a program that you'd think about as generally using sound. I ran into this problem today, and though I knew what to look for, I didn't realize at first that the problem was with AIM, which had a multimedia ad running.