Sound issues and weird Area code reset


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Ok, I've been trying the SSF 010 prototype for a while and I have som small issues with the sound. It's kind of choppy and it's a bit irritating. Now, I know that you might expect problems with a beta or (in this case) prototype, but I just want to know if anyone has had this problem and maybe fixed it? I tried to play around with the different sound settings under options but it didn't seem to do anything.

I'm also curious about changing the area code. When I change to Europe it goes into widescreen mode or something. Does anyone know why? It never happens in any of the other areas.


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I think the 'widescreen' mode is probably to do with the type of PAL signal used on most european TV's. Most consoles displayed the games with borders in the EU PAL releases as a result of the difference between PAL and NTSC.