Emulator Problem: Some games start themselves sutomatically


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Some games start themselves automatically

I am using Fusion 3.64. When I load certain Sega Master System games, the games quickly flash the title screen and then the game starts (without me pressing the start button). For example, if I play Astro Warrior, I can see the title screen flash briefly and then the game just starts up (in play mode, not demo mode). If I then press the soft reset button it will go back to the title screen and remain there as it should until I press start manually.

If I play Action Fighter, it quickly flashes the title screen, and then begins play automatically as a two player game. I don't even have a second controller.

If I play Aerial Assault, the title screen shows up and remains there until I choose when to start.

This is not random. It always does this for Astro Warrior and Action Fighter. And it always works for Aerial Assault. I did not try many other games.

Has anyone else seen this, and know how to fix it? I am running on windows 7.

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Re: Some games start themselves automatically

I found the issue. Under Options --> Set Config... --> Controllers, under the Master System section on the bottom, for Port 2 I had Light Phaser selected and to use the mouse with it. I noticed when I had this setting selected my aircraft in Astro Warrior was auto firing without my pressing anything. I changed this Port 2 setting to Control Pad (or [Empty]) and it stopped auto firing and my title screens no longer auto started themselves.